Games are a great way to work with young people and we have an amazing resource put together by one of our fantastic volunteers (Thanks Louise!).

There are games for every situation – have a look through if you need some new ideas or just to refresh your memory of some familiar games.

When running games with groups there are a few things that will make things run smoothly:


  • Have all your equipment ready beforehand
  • Make sure you know the rules well and can explain in 1 minute.
  • Start with a game that people can join in with as they arrive.
  • Have lively games at the start.
  • Beware of games where people are ‘out’ and may get bored.
  • Have a quieter game to lead into any teaching session.
  • Group together games that need the same teams or configuration, e.g, games where you sit in a circle or in pairs to avoid time delays.
  • Do not play a game too often or for too long.
  • Have a few emergency games you can play quickly.
  • Always have more games than you think you will need.
  • Try to mix sporty games with quiz games, acting games, drawing games, silly games to allow all to do well.
  • Avoid letting them pick teams and someone never being chosen.
  • Always be fair and keep to the rules yourself but do not be over zealous in refereeing.
  • Always consider safety and stop a game that is out of control.
  • Do not play too many new games in one week as a lot of time is taken up in explanations.