Mixer Games

Line Up In Order

Teams must be first to line up in order of:

shoe size / height / house no. / birthdays / alphabetical surname


Prepare a sheet with 12 squares (3×4) on it. In each square have a description of someone they must find e.g. someone who can roll their tongue , someone who has broken an arm. See who can get all the boxes signed by a different person first.


Get into pairs and have 2 mins each to interview the other. Then turn their backs and answer questions about the other.

e.g. what colour eyes do they have?

where do they live?

Happy Harry

Sit in a circle and the first person says their name and an adjective beginning with the same letter e.g. happy harry. The next person has to say the previous name and then add theirs e.g. beautiful bill. Go around the circle.

Guess Who?

Put a name of a famous person or animal etc on everyone’s back. They must ask questions to find out what they are. They can only ask questions answered yes or no. e.g. am I a man?

Oh No!

Give everyone 10 beans. They must chat to others but avoid saying yes or no. If someone says yes or no they have to give a bean to the other. See who has the most after 5 mins.

Statistical Treasure Hunt

Do a questionaire that gives points for weird facts about your team. See how you score.

E.g. Count Jan as 1 point and feb as 2 etc .. Add up your team points for their birthday months.

Add up all your shoe sizes

Add up all your door no.s  etc

Name That Person

Everyone writes 5 facts about themselves on a card. Unusual is fun! Then read them out and guess who it is.

Task List

Have a list of 8 tasks that they must complete in turn and get signed by a leader. e.g. get a hair over 10cm long, do 10 star jumps, leapfrog over someone, sing a song with 2 others.

Team Forming

Hand out papers with 4 different animals on. Everyone must make their animal noise and get into groups as fast as possible. Or sing 4 songs and find the others with your song. This is a way to form 4 random teams.