Introductory Games

These games are good for at the start when children are arriving late. New people can join in without upsetting teams or having to explain a lot of rules to each new arrival.

Head It / Catch It

Equip : Large ball

Players stand in a circle with a leader in the centre. The leader throws the ball to a child at random saying their name and then either ‘Head it’ or ‘Catch it’. The player must either head the ball back or catch it and throw it back as instructed. If they do the wrong thing, drop the ball or miss, they are out and sit down. If there are a lot, it is best to have 2 leaders throwing. After a while tell them to do the reverse of what they are told i.e. if told to head it, they must catch it. Get faster and faster to get them out.

Ring Jump

Equip : Rubber quoit on a rope

Form a circle around the leader holding the rope. They swing the rope round at ankle height and each person has to jump it. If they get hit on the ankles they are out. Start slowly and speed up. (It takes practice to swing the rope properly and makes you very dizzy!). Then reverse direction. Gradually increase the height of the swinging rope.

Hare and Hounds

Equip : Chairs and a band

All except 2 sit on a chair anywhere in the hall. The 2 others are the hare and the hound. The hound wears the band and chases the hare around the chairs.  Whenever they want, the hare can tap another player on the shoulder and make them get up and become the hare and then they sit on their chair. If the hound catches the hare they pass the band over and swap places.  If the hound is too slow and getting tired swap them over anyway.

Grandma's Footsteps

Equip : None

One person stands at the far end of the hall with their back turned. The others try to creep up the hall towards them while their back is turned, but if the person turns round and sees them moving they have to go back to the start. This often needs a bit of refereeing!!

Fish in the Net

Equip : None

One player is in the centre of the hall and all the others are at one end. They are the fish and must get to the other end without being tagged by the person in the centre. If caught they join hands with the first person to form a net and try to catch more people as they run across a 2nd time. The net gets bigger as more people are caught. If the net breaks it cannot catch people. The person in the centre shouts ‘go’ each time.

On the Bank / In the River

Equip : None

Everyone stands side by side with their toes behind a line on the floor. This is the bank and the other side is the river. When the leader calls ‘In the river’ they must jump forwards over the line. When ‘On the Bank’ is called they jump backwards over the line. Call instructions quickly and then repeat one to see who you can catch out.

Stuck in the Mud

Equip : Bands

One person is ‘it’ and has to chase the others. When tagged they stand still with legs apart and are stuck until someone else frees them by crawling between their legs. You could have 2 or 3 catchers who wear bands and give them a set time to see how many they can stick at once.

Round The Wall Quiz

This can take many forms but involves a quiz stuck all over the hall that they join in with as they arrive.

E.g.  Anagrams of names

Match up pairs of names that go together

Match the character with the film

Identify the symbols

Broken Bottles

Equip : ball

Stand in a circle with a leader in the middle. The leader throws the ball to players, who catch it and throw it back. If they miss they have to stand on one leg. A 2nd miss means they must kneel down, then one hand behind their back, then they are out. If they catch it at any point, they are restored by one stage. e.g. from kneeling back to standing on one leg.

Please Mr Jellyfish

Equip : none

All stand at one end of hall with one in the centre. All ask ‘Please Mr Jellyfish, can we cross the water? To see your ugly daughter, who looks like you’

The centre person says a category e.g.all those with brown shoes

All those with brown shoes cross safely. Then the centre person says ‘ run for your lives’. All run across and the centre person tries to catch someone, who becomes the next jellyfish.

Simon Says

Equip : None

One person calls out instructions from the front. If Simon says do it then you do, but if not you don’t.

e.g. Simon says jump up and down – do it

Jump up and down – do not

If people do it wrong they are out

Escape Ball

Equip : Ball or 2

Everyone stands in a circle around one person. Their feet are wide apart and touching those of people on either side of them. The person in the centre must attempt to throw the ball through someone’s legs and if successful they swop places. People in the circle can only use their hands to stop the ball and must keep their feet still and knees straight.

Defend The Skittle

Equip : Skittle and beanbag

Form a circle around one person in the centre and a skittle. The people on the outside must try to knock over the skittle by throwing the beanbag at it. They can pass between themselves too. The person in the centre has to defend the skittle as long as possible with his body, hands and feet.