Races and Relays

Broom Twist Relay

Equip: One broom per team

Each player runs to the far end and picks up their broom, holding it upright with the handle end against their chest and the broom head upward. Looking up at the broomhead they then turn around ten times, then drop the broom and run back to their team (In probably a very non-straight line !)

Handsful Relay

Equip: A set of miscellaneous items per team (eg.balls, skittles, etc.)

The first team member runs to the far end, picks up one item and returns to his team with it. The second person carries it back to the far end, picks up a second item, and then carries BOTH back to their team etc. If an item is dropped it is returned to the collection at the far end. The team that transfers all its items from the far end to their team wins.

Catch and Run

Equip: Ball for throwing and catching.

Divide into two teams and select a captain for each. The first team stands in a circle with their captain in the centre. Going around the circle, the captain throws the ball to each member who must throw it back. Meanwhile the second team acts as a timer by running as a relay around the circle of the first team. Count the number of passes and returns made by the time the second team has completed their relay, then swap teams.

Three-Legged Football


  • 1 ball per team
  • Some obstacles
  • Ankle ties

Team members form pairs who must dribble the ball around the obstacle course 3-legged.

Feeling in the Bag

Equip:  One bag, opaque, containing a number of objects, with rubber band around neck – 1 per team

Call out the name of one of the items in the bag – the first runner from each team must run to their bag, retrieve the item by touch alone, and return to their team – give 1 point to the team that does this the quickest, then repeat with the second runner etc.

Relay Chuck

Equip: A number of balls per team

Each team is spread out along the hall and cannot move their feet. The object is to pass the balls from one end of the hall to another as quickly as possible – any balls that are dropped must go back to the start, and no-one in the team may be bypassed.

VARIATION: The team is spread out but must sit down, all facing the start of the line. The balls are thrown from person to person, but the whole team must stay seated (though they can twist from the waist). Team members may be bypassed but any balls dropped go back to the start.

Card Relay

Equip : Cards

Each team has 10 cards laid out upside down at the far end of the hall. They are no.s 1 – 10 but not in order. The first person runs up and turns over a card. If it is not an ace it is turned back again. When the ace is found, the 2 must be found etc.. The team saves time by remembering where the cards are.

Stepping Stones

Equip : Newspaper or carpet tiles are best.

Race up the hall by standing on a tile and placing the 2nd one in front. Jump onto this one and move the one behind ,in front again etc. The tiles cannot be slid along the floor.

Exhaustion Relay

Equip : None

Have each team split into half with half at each end of the hall. If there is an odd number, the larger half must start. The first person runs down the hall and joins hands or holds the waist of the 2nd person. They both run up to collect the 3rd person etc. They must not let go of each other.

Chair Race

Equip : Chairs

Have 1 less chair than team members. The team line the chairs up side by side up the hall and stand on them. The back person moves up and picks up the rear chair and passes it up the team to the front. The front person puts it in front and all the team move up a chair etc. The entire team must get over the finishing line to win.

Kipper Flap

Equip :

  • Paper fish shapes
  • Hoop
  • Magazines

Each team has an equal number of  paper fish. The first person must flap the magazine to move the fish up the hall and into the ‘pond’ (this is the hoop). Once it is in they run back and the next person goes. If a fish blows out afterwards it does not matter.

Back to Back

Equip : Balls

Teams form pairs and the first pair goes up the hall back to back with a ball balanced between them. They must not use their hands to help and it may be best to have them fold their arms. Then the next pair go.

Blindfold Chariots

Equip : Blindfolds

This is a piggyback race where the ‘horse’ is blindfolded and the passenger shouts directions to guide him around obstacles.

Balloon Relay

Equip : Balloons

A race where a balloon is placed between the knees and they must jump up the hall without dropping it It is passed to the next person without using the hands. You can have an extra balloon carried each time e g  under arms etc.

Balloon Sweep Relay

Equip :

  • Balloons
  • Brooms
  • Obstacles

Players must manoevure a balloon around obstacles with a broom. Then the next person goes.


Team members stand one behind the other and pass their right hands between their legs to grab the left hand of the person behind. Starting at the back, members crawl through the legs to have the whole team standing up holding hands.

Escalating Three-Legged Race

Equip : Leg ties

Start as a 3 – legged race and after each length add on an extra person to become 4 – legged etc. At the end all the team does the course joined together.

Vaseline Nose

Equip :

  • Vaseline
  • Cotton wall balls
  • Buckets   

Place a blob of vaseline on each players nose. Put a bucket at the other end for each team. Put cotton wool balls in front of the team. Each person in turn picks up a ball with their nose and runs up the hall and puts it in the bucket.(No hands)

Corner Spry

Equip : Balls

1 person stands in front of the rest of the team who stand side by side. The front person throws the ball to the 1st person on the left end of the team. They catch it and throw it back. The front person then throws to the 2nd person and so on. If it is dropped it must be done again. The last person keeps the ball and runs to the front. The previous front person rejoins the team on the left. When they are back in front again and everyone has had a turn, the team have finished.

Variation – Team stand one behind the other and after catching it and throwing back ,they squat down and the person behind receives. When the back person is squatting ,you start at the back and each stands in turn.

Memory Chase

Equip : Obstacles

1st person goes over the obstacles and is told the 1st word of a message. They run back and tell the 2nd person only. The 2nd person goes up over the obstacles and is told the 2nd word. At the end see who has the entire message intact.

Hula Hoop Race

Equip : Hoops

One person holds the hoop around their waist and runs up the course. They collect the 2nd person who gets into the hoop as well.  Collect the rest one at a time and see how many can fit in.

Balloon Anagrams

Equip : balloons with letters in

Each team must run up one at a time and blow up a balloon and hold the end and jump on it to burst it. Then retrieve the letter and take it back. When all the letters are retrieved they are rearranged to spell a phrase.

Let It Blow

Equip : Balloons

1st person blows up a balloon and lets it go. Whereever it lands is where the 2nd person must stand and repeat it. The aim is to get it over a line some distance away. First team to succeed wins but it is hard as the flight is unpredictable and may even be backwards!

Sleigh Race

Equip :

  • Floor tiles/mats
  • Scarves

Teams form sleighs of one person sitting on a slippery mat on a polished floor. 2 others pull them along by having a scarf around their waists and the rider holds the ends tight.

Human Obstacles

Humans form the obstacles.

e.g.     Kneelers – on all fours to go over or under

          Straddlers – go between legs

Poles – run around standing people

       Sitters – step in and over outstretched legs

Spoon Race

Equip : spoon on string with wet cloth on end

Teams must pass the spoon through their clothes, up and down the team i.e. up trousers and tops. They are all joined together by the string. As they pull it out again the wet cloth causes loud screams!!

Run Around Story

Each team line up one behind the other down the hall. The first in each team has a character in your story. The 2nd in each team is another and so on. As you read the story, when their character is called they must get up, run to one end of the hall and touch the wall, then the other wall and then back to their place. Give 1 point to first person each time.