Numbered Pairs Games

All these games require two teams lined up facing each other along each edge of the hall. Each pair should be numbered. It is quite easy to play a couple of different games in succession. You need a piece of paper to score each team and to note down numbers called so that all have a turn.

Hit or Miss

Equip :

  • 2 beanbags
  • Skittle
  • Chairs

The skittle is put in the centre with the beanbags. A chair is placed at each end and a leader holds each one. Each team are allocated a chair.  When their number is called that pair get up and grab a beanbag. Each run to their chair and stand on it. They throw the beanbag at the skittle and get a point if they knock it over. If both miss they run to pick up their beanbag, swap chairs and try again. Keep going for a few times, then call another number.


Equip :

  • Blow up hammer
  • 6 beanbags
  • Chairs

The beanbags and hammer are in the centre. The pair called have to put their 3 beanbags onto their chair, one at a time. They can throw them if they wish, but if they miss they must pick it up and replace it. When all 3 are on the chair they pick up the hammer and hit the other(gently!)

True / False Scramble

Equip :

  • Chairs
  • Signs

Label one chair true and one false. Make a statement and then call a number. That pair race to the correct chair, depending on whether the statement is true or false. First one to sit down wins.


Equip :

  • Hockey sticks
  • Goals
  • Puck

Hockey sticks and pucks are placed in the middle with goals at each end one for each team.  When called, the pair each try to score in their goal. This can be played with 2 pairs at a time and 4 sticks in the middle.


Equip : None

Each pair puts their legs out in front and places their feet against the opposite person. The pairs are numbered up the hall. When the number is called, the pair get up and jump over the legs up to the end. They then run to touch the wall at that end ,run around the backs of the team and touch the other wall. They then run over the other legs and back to their place to sit down. First one back wins. It is essential that legs are kept flat.


Equip : Ball

Teams line up along opposite walls. When a number is called, the pair run to the ball in the centre and attempt to kick or throw it and hit the wall of the opposite team. Teams standing in front of the wall try to prevent it touching the wall.

Back to Back Battle

Equip : None

Mark 2 parallel lines on the floor about 3m apart between the 2 teams. The 2 players called stand back to back midway between the lines and try to push each other backwards over the line behind them. They have 1 minute.

Dog and Bone

Equip : Beanbag

Put a beanbag in the middle. The pair called have to pick up the beanbag and get back to their place without being tagged by the other. If they are tagged noone wins. It needs skill and cunning and pretend grabs at the bone.