For 20 years, Splash has been helping schools by bringing assemblies as opportunities for pupils to share in an act of collective worship that is relevant and age appropriate. We currently work in 30 different local schools using puppets, drama, quizzes, music and story-telling. Schools consistently provide feedback on how much they value our assemblies.

Following our “Becoming an encourager” assembly we had the following comments:- ”I have seen a couple of assemblies now and you always engage the children so very well. Thank You!

The name “Splash” was originally chosen when we were registered as a Charity because our aim is to bring a “splash” of fun and excitement on every visit to every school! In each assembly we try to create space in which pupils can reflect on spiritual and moral issues as part of their journey to explore their personal beliefs. Schools do tell us that, as we encourage active listening, participation and response, we reinforce shared values and attitudes which contribute positively to the development of community spirit.  As we teach children about the Christian faith, we boost their self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills and help them to develop into good citizens. 

Latest Assembly Dates

The Splash team have been working hard on the new assembly over the Easter break, and we begin to deliver the new assembly on Monday 22nd April.  This term we are focussing our message on “our wonderful world, so we should look after it.”  Although it’s a theme that we visited way back in 2019, it was decided that it was well worth revisiting, but this time with a slightly different focus of “taking responsibility.” The assembly explores the idea that the job of taking care of our beautiful earth is not down to one person, a caretaker, or even a group of “eco-warriors.” Instead, we introduce the fact that we should all take a quiet responsibility to do what we can, where we are, without blowing our own trumpet about it.  Our responsibility begins where we are, be that in our schools, our workplace or even on our holidays!

A brilliant assembly, totally relevant for our children and where our school is right now. Thank you for making your assemblies fit so well.

Deputy Head Teacher

Billingshurst Primary

Such a good assembly – the parent who sat in (because she wanted to see how much religion was in a Splash assembly) was very happy with the message you presented.  Very relevant and age appropriate.

Head Teacher

Amberley First School

Assembly… Plus!

With each assembly, we provide an Assembly… Plus! pack, aimed at encouraging Year Six students to consider assembly themes in more depth.  The ideas can of course be adapted for any year group.

Some time ago, schools were asked us to find a way to engage the children ‘at the back of the hall’, and Jo, an experienced class teacher on our Assembly Team, designed the Assembly… Plus! packs to do just that.

Assembly… Plus! contains a lesson plan with an introduction, four choices of main activity and a plenary.  The activity choices link to PSCHE and RE and are intended to get the class thinking and talking about the assembly topic.  Resource sheets and links required for the activities are all included in the pack and are handed to a member of staff after an assembly.  All of these resources are also available on our website.

Transition Workshops

There are so many things to think about when transitioning to secondary school, so we have planned a workshop to support Year Six with their transition.

This is another resource designed by Jo, an experienced Year Six class teacher on our Assembly Team.  Using the Scripture Union book “It‘s Your Move“, workshops have been designed to help Year 6 students reflect on the change ahead and how to cope with the emotions that they are feeling.

Schools can book a half-day workshop led by the Splash team, or request the lesson plans and resources to deliver it themselves.

Prayer Spaces

We have a huge bank of prayer space resources that we can lend to schools.

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We do not charge for assembly visits. However, as a charity, we appreciate contributions towards our travel costs and the cost of staff time.