Lively Outdoor Games with Two Teams


Equip :

  • Bat and ball
  • Bases

Play as usual but to avoid people being out and getting bored it is good to give points for each base reached i.e. if they get to 1st base they get 1 point,2nd = 2,3rd = 3 4th = 5 points. If they are out the team loses 2 points but they rejoin the back of the batting queue. This way all can score and none are out.

Non-Stop Cricket

Equip :

  • Large ball
  •  2 stumps for a wicket and 2 more set an equal distance to either side of the wicket
  • Marker for bowler

2 teams, 1 to bat and 1 to field. The bowler bowls underarm at the wicket and aims to throw the ball between the stumps without it bouncing. If the batter hits it or it touches him, he must run around one of the outer stumps and back. Meanwhile the bowler can bowl as soon as he has the ball. When that batsman is out the next must come in while the bowler keeps bowling. A batsman can be bowled or caught out.


Equip :

  • 3 different shape balls or 2 balls and a frisbee
  • Box and bases

Set up as for rounders. The first player stands where the batter would be but they throw or kick all 3 balls as far as they can (not backwards).They run around as many bases as they can while the fielding team return them to the box. When all 3 are back in one of the fielders who stands near the box shouts STOP. If the runner is between bases they are out. The fielders start to retrieve as soon as the first ball is thrown or kicked so you must be quick. Score 1 point for each base reached and 5 for a rounder.

Football Variations

Play as normal or have 4 or 6 goals and several balls. Each team gets a point for each goal scored in any goal except their own. However 1 point is deducted for each goal let into their own goal. A leader next to each goal keeps score!!
Variation: or play 3 legged

Polish Baseball

Equip :

  • Ball
  • 2 bases.

Play in a big field with big teams

Fielders spread out all over the field. 2 bases are about 100m apart. Batters line up at one base and take it in turns to bat. When they hit the ball they must run to the other base. They are out if caught or if hit between shoulder and knee while running between bases. You can have as many as you like at the far base and they can run back when they want and as many as want to. They can be hit on the way back too. When 3 are out the teams swop over (or after a certain time). 1 point for each person who makes it back.