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Be Thankful

Many years ago I learned a little rhyme, “I practise the attitude of gratitude”. Learning to be thankful has a lot to do with the way we look at things. And it is a good habit to get into


Some people think only of themselves. Zachaeus was probably one of those. But after he met Jesus, he realised that there is a different way to be. Show compassion to others and give something away – and suddenly your whole life will be different.

Unwrapping Christmas

Is Christmas mainly about presents – of course it is! And there are presents that reach deeper into our hearts than a gift wrapped in paper. The first Christmas was about the gift of hope, joy and peace. Great gifts and available, even when we have no money.

I love Christmas

Some people love Christmas, some people hate it. From modern day to the first Christmas, we show people and their attitude to Christmas. While some hate it because of the sprouts, Mary loved it because it was the day her very special son Jesus was born.


Brothers and sisters in a family don’t always get on each with each other. Joseph’s brothers were super mean to him, but he showed amazing character by forgiving them and helping them, despite all they had done to him. Wow!


we all value friendship. To be a good, loyal friend, who will be there for others when they need it most, is a great quality to develop.

God's Love

What is God really like? That is a big question! God is like a perfect parent, who is very patient, very forgiving and kind, and he loves a good party – have you ever thought of him like that?

Golden Rule

We have not got the “Five steps to get rich quick” plan for you, but we have got one golden rule that will change your life. Really! And it has the advantage that it is easy to remember!


What is the difference between people who pray and people who don’t? The life of King David provides us with a good illustration of someone who made it a lifetime habit to pray and talk things through with God.

Using Our Gifts

When people look at children, they can’t possibly know what they will be when they are grown up. But every great and amazing person was a child once! What is the secret to developing the gifts God has given us? Do you know?