Life’s Big Cardboard Questions

Equipment Needed:

  • Large cardboard box or just a large piece of a cardboard box
  • Pieces of card (A5 size preferably)
  • Glue
  • Pencils or pens

Everyone has questions about life. What are your big questions? If you could ask God one question, right now, what would you ask? Write it on a piece of card and stick it onto the big box.

(Some of the questions will be ‘head’ questions about ideas and beliefs; some will be ‘heart’ questions about life and death, hopes and fears. Some will be funny, others profound or heart-breaking. This activity affirms that all questions are OK, and it acknowledges that some questions are very difficult to answer. The focus of this activity is on the asking and not the answering. Where children want to talk about their ‘big questions’, it’s important that you don’t feel that you need to try and offer answers. “I don’t know.” and “What do you think?” are sometimes the best responses to big questions.)