About the Day

The day is all about YOU, and your family, taking time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to pray and connect with God….together! So many of us struggle to know how to pray with our children and to share our own faith with them. One member of our team realised recently that they made jam because they had “caught” the jam-making bug whilst making jam with their mother as a child.  The same is true when it comes to spiritual matters. Things that we did with our parents are generally the things that stick in our memories.  The saying “caught” not “taught” resonates so loudly and those shared spiritual experiences will never be forgotten!

We hope that by following our guided ‘trail’, experiencing the fun activities on your journey around the farm and coming together for worship and prayer at the beginning and at the end of the morning, you will take away new ways of drawing you, and your family, closer to the love of God. 

On the Day

We will start the morning at the lake with a short worship session together. You will then be given a map with a “Bible story trail” to follow around the farm.  At each location (station) you will find activities to help you enter into each Bible story in a fresh and new way. At each station you will find a fun mix of practical activities suitable for all children and adults to “have a go”!  You will find all the equipment and resources needed at each prayer station.   You may also wish to take time to pause, reflect and pray. Move at your own pace through any of the activities which “grab your attention” on the day.  Or just feel free to enjoy the outside space together.

At 12.30pm we will come together, back at the farm, for a short concluding session.