As a reminder each day costs £8 per child (£40 per week).
To make it more affordable for families with 2 or more children we have introduced a reduced rate for subsequent siblings. If you have booked places for more than one child then each subsequent child costs £30 for the week.*

An example:

Child 1: attending a full week costs: £40
Child 2: attending a full week costs: £30
Child 3: attending a full week costs: £30
Total cost for all three children: £100

*Please note that this reduced rate is for siblings only and require the same parent/guardian to make the booking.

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You can also make payment using these other options.

A direct bank transfer via BACs:
CAF Bank Ltd
A/C name Splash for Schools and Communities
A/C no 00012664
Sort code 40-52-40

A Cheque sent to:
Church Farm Yard,
Church Lane,
RH20 3JX

Young Leader Payment

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There is a small charge of £15 for the week for young leaders under the age of 16 who want to join our team.This will go to cover the costs of breakfast and refreshments which we provide for our leaders during the week.