For 20 years, Splash has been helping schools by bringing assemblies as opportunities for pupils to share in an act of collective worship that is relevant and age appropriate. We currently work in 30 different local schools using puppets, drama, quizzes, music and story-telling. Schools consistently provide feedback on how much they value our assemblies.

Following our “Becoming an encourager” assembly we had the following comments:- ”I have seen a couple of assemblies now and you always engage the children so very well. Thank You!

The name “Splash” was originally chosen when we were registered as a Charity because our aim is to bring a “splash” of fun and excitement on every visit to every school! In each assembly we try to create space in which pupils can reflect on spiritual and moral issues as part of their journey to explore their personal beliefs. Schools do tell us that, as we encourage active listening, participation and response, we reinforce shared values and attitudes which contribute positively to the development of community spirit.  As we teach children about the Christian faith, we boost their self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills and help them to develop into good citizens. 


There are no current Youth activities planned at the moment.

Holiday Clubs

Splash’s Holiday Clubs are bursting with games and activities, Bible stories, dramas and songs, team and leader challenges. We have a large team of volunteers from different local churches who work with the children during the week, and we can generally accommodate children needing additional support.


Read below some of the comments from parents of children who have previously attended Splash Holiday clubs:

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“He really enjoyed being on the team and can’t wait to be part of the next holiday club.”

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“I am always impressed with Splash holiday club. I feel I can leave my children in a secure and loving environment. For the children it’s like one long party but they come away calm and happy.”

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“After attending the Knock Out on Friday I was extremely impressed with the enthusiasm shown by all the staff, especially the teenage volunteers.”


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“My daughter loved the holiday club. She had tummy ache on the way to the club because she was so nervous about joining new groups of children….when she came home, although tired, she without a doubt said she had a great time. In addition, she seemed to be a more positive, animated person”

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“A very busy, fun time.” “Brilliant week!”

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“I was really impressed when I found out there was more to this club than I realised! A great job, well done everyone.”